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Tooth whitening, teeth whitening, bleaching

Why are teeth colored?

  • due to physique reasons some people have darker permanent teeth
  • effect of strong coloring materials (coffee, tea, smoking)
  • older fillings
  • treatment of the root can also cause coloration of teeth
  • effect of some medicines: tetracycline (for example tetran, doxycycline) during teeth growth, fluoride overdose.

About the treatment:
The fastest way to get your glamour smile is the 30 minute in-office procedure. The system hat we are using is called Pola Office. The instant result in just about 30 minutes can be done by a quick trip to our clinic, which is done by our dentists.

Steps that our dentists will perform on your teeth:

  1. Your teeth are cleaned.
  2. A white resign barrier is applied to the gum areas surrounding the teeth. This will protect your gums.
  3. A hydrogen peroxide blue gel is applied to each tooth.
  4. A standard dental light shines on each tooth for about 30 seconds each.
  5. The gel is taken off your teeth using suction.
  6. Your dentist will repeat steps 3-5 about two more times.
  7. At the end you will be asked to look in the mirror at your whiter teeth.

Can fillings or bridges be whiten?
Unfortunately not. It is practical to consider the color at the preparation of prosthesis and fillings, so that they are in harmony with the new tooth color.

How long the whitening effect will last?
Usually whitening is effective for years. Naturally, it depends on the person and the consumed food.

What can we do to prevent the next coloring?
We can decrease the coloring by consuming less coffee, tea, red wine or other colour containing food, and by cutting back on smoking.
Light color of the teeth can be maintained by one-two day long "reminding" whitening from time to time.

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