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Fedasz Dental has three types of payment options for their patients:

1. - Bank wire
2. - Credit card payment
3. - Cash Payment

Please note that on credit card payments there is a 3% additional service charge and on cash payments there is a 5% discount.

2 years full service guarantee of our work!

Price list in GBP:

No hidden charges!
1. Consultation and treatmentplan Free Free
2. Digital X-ray (small) Free Free
3. Panorama X-ray
45,- 30,-
4. Dental hygienic treatment 60,- 40,-
5. Root canal treatment / canal 90,- 60,-
6. Post / core 75,- 50,-
7. Extraction 45,- 30,-
8. Extraction (surgical) 135,- 90,-
9. Composite filling 75,- 50,-
10. Inlay/onlay (gold) 240,- (+Au) 160,- (+Au)
11. Inlay/onlay Ceramic 240,- 160,-
12. Crown (porcelain fused to metal) 200,- 140,-
13. Crown (porcelain fused to gold) 200,- (+Au) 140,- (+Au)
14. Crown (full porcelain) 240,- 160,-
15. Zirconium metal-free crown 430,- 290,-
16. Temporary crown 15,- 10,-
17. Full denture (upper or lower) 440,- 300,-
18. Partial denture (cast metal, upper or lower) 560,- 380,-
19. Telescopic crown (primary/secondair/Au) 335,- 220,-
20. Ot-cap/precision attachement 295,- 200,-
21. Denture relining/rebasing 70,- 45,-
22. Long Term Temporary Partial Denture 355,- 240,-
23. Tooth whitening POLA OFFICE (done by dentist) 295,- 200,-
24. Anesthetics (conscious) 100,- /hour 70,- /hour
25. Implant (PITT-EASY BIO-OSS,German made) 690,- 470,-
26. Soft-laser treatment Free Free

Local (small) anesthetics and wound toilet (extraction/implantation) are included


We are offering a 2 years full service guarantee on all of our work!
Please note that Fedasz Dental Clinic is not liable for unforeseen root canal treatments after having teeth prepared for
crown bridgework.
Sometimes it happens that teeth suffer preparation trauma during treatment which will require a root canal treatment afterwards.
On our implants we offer a 2 year warranty, which means that in case of failure we would place another implant after 1 year for free.
The implant has a warranty of 10 years. "Product only"
The warranty of the implants is valid only if the Fedasz Dental Clinic will complete the full work, placing the implants, the crowns/bridges, dentures, and removing the stitches as well.

The guarantee will be reduced or invalidated if:

- The dentist's instructions are not followed
- Oral hygiene is neglected
- Removable restoration such as partial dentures or full dentures are not kept and maintained properly
- The gum tissue or bone structure is naturally reducing
- Significant amount of weight loss or gain within a short period of time
- Any sickness that has a bad effect on the chewing organ (like, diabetes, Epilepsy, Osteoporosis, chemotherapy, X-rays or accidents)
- If the patient does not notify the Fedasz Dental Clinic before taking advantage of their warranty

Please note that the warranty does not cover traveling costs and it is only valid for remedial dental work.

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