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Orderliness of teeth is very important. Incorrectly, standing teeth determine mastication, speech as well as aesthetic exterior. Additionally, teeth leaning forward / backwards / sidelong or cut at bad place are more prone to cavity, because they are more difficult to clean. In some far-gone cases, these teeth can cause problems and aches with the chewing-joint. The orthodontic machine drives these teeth towards their normal place.
The orthodontic machine gives a gentle, controlled force to the "renitent" teeth. This gentle force in a considerable time can move teeth to the desired position. Due to the continuous force the bone is becoming rebuilt: at the pressure-place it is decaying, and at the tension-place it is piling up.
At first brackets (wire-holding guide) are sticks with the fixed orthodontic machine for every tooth (on the upper or lower denture, or booth). Then a special wire is laid down in a guide fixed at every bracket. The wire's flexibility gives the desired force and this continuous force moves teeth to the desired position. Transparent, discrete brackets are available too, and it is also possible to attach these to the inside of the teeth, so aesthetically they are almost undetectable.
Removable orthodontic machine has to be worn at night and by day, the longer the better. This machine works the same way as the fixed one, but is less efficient. It is used at smaller or minor dental abnormalities.

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