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Sleepless sedation

(Master Flux Automatic AS 3000)

Dental "antiphobia" and analgesing machine

Patients, who need dental services, are usually afraid of the dental treatment, so there is an increasing need not only for the painless treatment, but also for the fearless and phobia-proof one.

The relaxing gas decreases the patient's fear and phobia of a dental treatment.

This gas relaxes the patient by which:

  • pain threshold of the patient increases, so painkilling becomes stronger
  • patient remains sleepless and collaborating
  • gullet-reflexes remain working
  • treatment is faster

Rate between nitrogen-oxidul and oxygen can be set with Master Flux sleepless sedating machine arbitrarily (0-70%) accordingly to the patient's need.

Using of Master Flux is absolutely safe. Pure dinox gas cannot be transferred into the lung since oxygen controls the flow of gases.

Master Flux can also be used in the case of sickness or urgency: inhalation with oxygen or assisted breathing is possible.

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